Thursday, May 24, 2007


I mixed the caramel color clay with some gold and a little bit of glitter. Roll it into a ball. Push as many rock salt pieces (Morton-ice cream salt) into the ball. Textured with my favorite texture tools. Baked and put them in the water until all the salt get dissolved.
I dabbed the Burnt Amber oil paint on the surface of the beads to make it look darker and shinny. That's it, really. They look really cool.


Chaotic Mom said...

I love your blog. I've just taken an interest in making my own beads and find your site cool. My son is even looking at it with me! ;)

Joan said...

Hi! So cool! Did you cool the beads before dunking them in the water or put them in while still hot?


Anonymous said...

Hi! So cool! Did you dunk the Lava beads in the water while still hot or let them cool first?


Silastones said...

I don't think it would matter, but put it in warm water will help get rid of the salt faster.