Friday, February 27, 2015

Exturde the ready made cane through different shape disc can be fun. Here I used Black and white, petal can end with one of the Lycy's disc, then slice the cane into several thin slice as shown. Try to keep them line up in a row.
Then I extrude the black clay through circle disc.
using the shape needle, pick up each small slice and line it up on the black log as shown.
Cut into small section, poke a hole through and baked.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


I like to use Ultra Light clay to make the inside (core) of my beads to cut down on the weight of my big beads and big necklace. So, here it is.  I slide a thick slab out of about 1/2" thick.
 I cut the slab in half then cut into pieces like so. I do not measure them. If you want a perfectly uniform beads, you can measure and then cut.
 Roll each piece into a ball between the palm of you hand, set aside.
 Roll a sheet of black clay, or any color clay that you want. I roll it fairly thin.Wrap the black clay around the Ultra Light balls. Roll the beads between the palm of your hands till all the seams disappear.
 I then slice the cane into very thin slices, arrange them around the black beads. Roll the bead till the cane slices embedded  into the surface. Let the beads set for a while before make a hole through it, then bake accordingly.