Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This is how I make the Mini Roses. The main idea is to make the blend sheet and shape it into petal cane. You can make a regular Skinner blend for this project, I just like how the the colors bend together, this way.

First, I cut strips of 1"x3" clay. Then make a blend sheet as shown. The things that I put on my Pasta machine are homemade sheet reducer. I made them from scrap clay in various sizes. The idea is to be able to control the size of the clay sheet. (Because you will fold the sheet in half and run it through, the sheet will spread and we don't want that to happen).

Fold the blend sheet in half, squeeze the sheet side way together and run it through the pasta machine. One by one I add the sheet reducer until I get the strip of clay to the size that I want. In this case, about 2" wide.

As you know, there is the other way to get the strip like this, but I just like it this way. Notice that I only use a small strips of clay. I don't like to make big canes, I feel out-of-control. :)

Cut the strip of clay in to 5 pieces and stack them as shown.

Cut off both ends of the stack and squeeze each end till it pointed. Now you will get a log or a cane. Reduce the cane and shape it into a petal shape. Cut out several petal, 10 for each flower.

Stretch one of the petal out and roll it on to the small knitting needle to make the base for the flower. Make it plump like a pear shape. Then stick the petals on the base. Don't push the petals together, make them stick together lightly, that way the flower will look light and airly just like fresh flower. 4 petals inside and 5 on the outside and make the outside a bit lower than the inside row .

Add sepals and small stem with green clay.