Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The first row are the step-by-step pictures of how each powder should be added to the black beads. Be careful to clean your finger after each color and do not put them on top of each other and do not blend (at this point).

The second row are the beads after ALL the colors were put on, then you can press the powder on to the bead (with your finger tips, do not roll with your palms) and lightly blend. Lightly!

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nan cee said...

I have been looking at your tutorials for polymer clay pieces using Perfect Pearls. I have been searching several web sites but non tell if you put the Perfect Pearls or Pearl X on before or after baking or if you need to use the Perfect Pearl medium and spritz with water once the powder is on like you do on paper. I am looking for answers and if you will plase give them to me I will be very grateful.
Thank you,
Nancy Huntley