Thursday, October 08, 2009

Leaves are changing color and I was sitting at my clay table, not sure what to make. I had picked up a few brown acorns from neighbor's yard and want to make some out of clay but the color is so dull. I started mixing some dark-grey color into some orange and it came out really nice. Bad thing is I've never keep tract of my color mixing, just kept adding till I get it right.
1. Roll out a piece of clay into a ball then roll one side till you get a nice cone shape, put texture on it, lightly. Bake for a short time till the surface gets firm. ( I will show you my texture tool and how to make it later)
2. Make a small ball from darker color, flatten it then put it on top of the cone. This will be a cap so we need to texture it. I was using Kemper tool No. K24. Pressing the pointed tip around the cap.
3. Make a small ball to represent stem, bake.
4. White wash the acorn with white acrylic paint that has been dilute with water.

Some ideas: cute earrings with some kinna fall color leaves, or a pin with acorns dangling from it. I might try Rub n' Buff on it. Siver or golden acorn, sound good isn't it?