Thursday, October 08, 2009

Leaves are changing color and I was sitting at my clay table, not sure what to make. I had picked up a few brown acorns from neighbor's yard and want to make some out of clay but the color is so dull. I started mixing some dark-grey color into some orange and it came out really nice. Bad thing is I've never keep tract of my color mixing, just kept adding till I get it right.
1. Roll out a piece of clay into a ball then roll one side till you get a nice cone shape, put texture on it, lightly. Bake for a short time till the surface gets firm. ( I will show you my texture tool and how to make it later)
2. Make a small ball from darker color, flatten it then put it on top of the cone. This will be a cap so we need to texture it. I was using Kemper tool No. K24. Pressing the pointed tip around the cap.
3. Make a small ball to represent stem, bake.
4. White wash the acorn with white acrylic paint that has been dilute with water.

Some ideas: cute earrings with some kinna fall color leaves, or a pin with acorns dangling from it. I might try Rub n' Buff on it. Siver or golden acorn, sound good isn't it?


Carole said...

Dear Ponsawan, I just discovered your page and it will be a favorite from now on. I have never created a bead, but got interested from a book at the library. Your creations are lovely, and range from cute to very sophisticated. I am touched by your blogs about your daughter, and by your generous spirit which comes out in all of your postings as well as the blog. Thanks for all you contribute! Carole

Silastones said...

Dear Carole
Thanks for reading my blog. I just want to present my idea not teaching a new technique, so the beginner as well as the non-beginner can benifit from my tutorials. have fun! If you have any question, let me know.

Françoise said...

Merci beaucoup pour vos tutoriels. C'est gentil de partager. J'adore les glands que vous avez fait. J'avais moi aussi ramasser des glands pour en faire des bijoux mais il moississe.

GiovannaCoraggio said...

these are awesome!

Françoise said...

J'adore ces petits glands, il sont trés jolie, et les couleurs vraiment son magnifique et peu courante. Merci beaucoup de nous avoir fait partager ton savoir.

Anonymous said...

Lovely acorn beads and the tutorial was helpful with clear pictures.
I started making polymer clay beads and they looked deformed when I tried to pierce them with a needle. Next time I try to remember to place them on awl before the shaping.

Silastones said...

hi, if you are making beads, let them sit for a while to firm up before you piece a hole.I am using knitting needle size 0000 The one they use to knit sock, it has double ends.

Cindy said...

Hello Ponsawan -- See my acorns at:

Thank you!