Monday, April 30, 2007


This is the way I measure the amount of clay to make beads. It is easier and faster than using the measuring device that comes with the packages
First. a Tri Bead Roller, of course. Second the clay of your choice. Third, a set of circle cutter from Wilton. You can get it at the local craft store in the cake decoration section. It is about $3.oo. We will use the smallest cutter.
Next roll out the sheet of clay at 2nd thickness on the pasta machine. I use Imperia Pasta machine. Keep in mind that different pasta machine has different setting.
Fold the sheet in half, use a roller to press the sheet together.
With the small circle cutter, cut out a piece of clay, roll it to a round shape, then roll it in the bead roller. You should get the perfect, or near perfect shape of beads as shown.
I also use this clay unit for bigger bead roller set. Some require 2 or 3 units. You might need to adjust the thickness accordingly, or find other shape of cutter that will get the same result as mine. The circle cutter I use is 1.5 cm. Diameter.


macati said...

I already saw this instrument in a shop but never understood how it works!!!
thank you,

red.daisy said...

thanks for the tutorial. :-)

3circles said...

great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've also buyed such a roller, but I didn't get it to make a whole in these things. Anyhow the shape always changed... Do you have any idea how I can do that?
Thank you...

*>Jewels<* said...

Thank you for taking the guesswork out of this. I tried to use the one I purchased and struggled with the instructions provided. This post works great. :D

Petra said...

Interesting to know.

Lisa said...

I've just bought one of these bead rollers and googled how to use it as i thought it would come with instructions... Thank you so much for this tutorial and I've already shared the link with a couple of friends who want to get into bead making too

Thanks so much