Thursday, May 03, 2007

Just trim the edge and baked.
Now, if you don't want to make it yourself, Just email me. I sell them for $8.00 and each one is different. :) Some lucky people already have their. Thank you, guys. You can make a nice pendant with it. Just split it with water and put the sheet of clay on the top, press it down with your finger, then carefully lift the clay up. I used Metalic powder on the pendant.

Happy claying.


planetjune said...

Very nice - these look great! Thanks for the tutorial :)

Scott said...

You amaze me Ponsawan, just beautiful!

Shannibolflocks said...

What terrific tutes, thanks for sharing Ponsawan. I have some tutes on my flickr site, some are in 'sets' if you want to take a look.
Hugs Joyce (Aus)

rosa said...

fantastic job you made,very nice your blog,thanks for sharing.

Momma said...

My name is Momma and I come from Rome. Thank you very much for the tutorial, you are so great!
I need an information if you can. Where can I buy the pen to make flowers that you use?
I may buy it on internet.
Thanks a lot.

Joan said...


We have wide selection of beads you may be interested in, we have:
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lamp work,
cat eyes,
germ stone,
pewter beads

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Anonymous said...

very good piece of tutorial

Mô_ôM said...

Great work ! I just was wondering were you get such deepest stamps in so many beautiful styles ? *Ü* Love yours tuts !!


Mo oM
I used metal stamps that they use with leather, so the image is very clear. I also add the lines on to that. I used the point of double point knitting needle which i use to make hole through my beads.

donnafugata said...

hey ponsawan!i want some of your wonderful texture plates!!!!how can i do? :-) do you have some others texture plates?
please let me know :-)

myra katz said...

I want to buy some of your texture plates. How do I do that?