Monday, May 28, 2007

Here is a twist from Dominique's extruded clay technique. Roll out the skinner blend jellyroll until it was about 5 mm in Dia. Cut in to 4-5 pieces, lay them next to each other, with a brayer, press down lightly until it flat.
With a stamp sheet of your choice, stamp on the clay, make sure you get a good, deep impression. With the thin blade, slice off the relief portions to reveal the colors underneath. Isn't that surprisingly pretty?
Don't forget the keep the scrap clay and make the matching beads for your pieces. Enjoy ;-)


Scott said...

Great idea, you are so creative!

Sandi said...

What Scott said, only in my voice and add: you're a genius!

Laura said...

so clever. I like the deep cuts on your rubber stamp. Is this commercially available? Laura