Tuesday, June 12, 2007

STEP #1 Roll balls of clay in different color. I use Gold will be use for accent color only because it is so soft.

Step #2 With pasta machine, roll a sheet of Black, cut it in half. Roll a sheet of White, then put it between 2 sheets of Black, press down lightly. Cut thin slides from the stack, wrap the ribbon around the beads.

Step #3 Cut some of the Black&White ribbon into small pieces, stick them on the beads, in pattern or randomly. Roll each ball lightly to press the ribbon or small pieces down.

STEP #4 Make a small snake of clay, cut into tiny little pieces, roll them into small little balls and flatten them with your fingernail. Stick that flat circle on to the ball. Like so.

STEP #5 See how many different way you can use those Black&White ribbons, and the tiny polka dots.

STEP #6 Add more details with tiny dots and tiny snake of Gold or contrast color. For example, put white dot on black dot. Like so.

I press the beads down lightly in the picture.

Here are one of the finished bracelet. I strung the beads on the stretchy cord with a copper spacer beads.

I wonder how many different beads I can make for just using 5 color clay. What do you think? Up to the challenge, anyone?


Anonymous said...

I love your tutorials, and this one is fantastic, too. I'm really inspired by it, and as soon as I make some beads, I'll post picures on my flickr account. Thank you again for your generosity.


Vesna, please email me so I can look at the pictures of the bead that you make. I made 20 beads so far today. Thanks for looking.

Andrew said...

I loved your tutorial, the pictures were REALLY nice, you're a much better photographer than me.

I've got an article on my site on how to make fimo beads that's quite a bit longer, I'd love to get your feedback on it--I linked my name (above) straight to the article.

Thanks very much,

KC said...

You always shine.. Thanx for the Tuts.
I read your post about the extruded cane beads, and followed the links back, I tried it myself, & now I can't stop......HELP! LOL :-)


Hi kc. I have not make any more of those because I know it will be addicted. LOL Poor you.

Elaine said...

I dropped in from PC notes - I'll take up the challenge later this week after my cane order gets done. I'll need beads as a break by then...

Five colours huh? I'll have to think about that one :D


Bring it on, Elaine. This should be fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Love your beads and tutorials! You don't say what you use to make the hole or when to make the hole. Do you fire them? Glaze them? These are probably basic questions but I have no idea so I ask. :)


After I roll them onto balls, I set them aside for a few hours and poked a hole on each of them with double point knitting needles size 00. Then I bake them in the toaster oven at 230 degree for 1/2 hour. I usually leave them uncoated, but you can put varnish on the beads or sand and buff then so they will become very shiny. For this tutorial I intend to show how to decorate the beads more than making the beads themself.

Seedplanter said...

Beautiful beads!
When do you put holes in your beads, and how?

Beadspired said...

These beads are absolutely delicious! I love them! I would have never imagined the stripes were made from simply rolling thin strips of white around them. It looks like a beautiful plaid. I can imagine beads in fall colors done like this.

Thank you so much!

AngelaBradley said...

I love these! I will have to give it a shot. I am new to polyclay and my boys LOVE playing with it. I made "Buckeye Beads" for OSU fans here in OHio..although myself, I am certainly not a football person

Marylou Hill said...

How do you make those?