Thursday, September 03, 2009

Shell Texture earrings
This is not a new technique but since I have not written any tutorial for a while, it is kinna rusty. Ada's friend went to Florida and picked up a bag full of broken shells. These shells have rich texture from getting beat up by the weave, sand and time. I made molds out of them and start using them for texture.
After baking I painted them with acrylic paint (yellow Ochre). Using my finger, I dabbed on the paint and pressed on to the pieces lightly, so the only raised part will cover with paint and the groove will not. First paint it with paint that has been mixed with a little bit of water, then added with almost dry paint. You will get more depth that way.
With Black clay, I was using rub&buff (Amaco) and it picked up the details real well.
Hope you like them.


Karen A. Scofield said...

The spiral shell textures are especially nice.

Emma said...

this is great, so simple and so beautiful I am definitely going to give this a go, thank you.

Leila Bidler - gom6699 said...

Thanks so much for this nice tutorial, I have picked up some shells and sea urchins during my holiday as well and was thinking on how to use them - I think I will try your idea :-)

xo from Italy

Amanda said...

Ooh, I love how these look, especially the black ones! I'll definitely have to try this out!

Kathi said...

welcome back to writing tutorial Ponsawan!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for your tutorial!!!!
It's a good idea!

L'Albicocca said...

I realize that you're come back only today! Welcome back from Italy!!!