Thursday, September 24, 2009

This is how I put my necklace together. I used the flower canes that I made and came up with different variety of beads. Using the scrap or left over to make accents beads, you will get matching beads to help pull the design of the necklace together. I used copper wire to make those small flowers and wrapped the together.

The finished necklace is not the same as the original design shown here. The way the second bead was hanging is not quite right.
I have a few more details to add to the necklace. Hope you get the idea.


itsmepj said...

I just recently started following your site and have found it very helpful. I tried your leaf cane, found on another site, sometime ago. It was a disaster! because I made the center vein too large. It sat in the drawer for quite some time until I decided to flatten it and make a block cane. It is now beautiful and I've used for several freeform style necklaces. My lesson learned is nothing is ever a total disaster. I love the flower cane and will be trying it soon. Also, have made 6 stamps since watching your how to video. Thank you so much for all the valuable information you have shared.

Silastones said...

You are very welcome.
If you have any question , please let me know since I haven't given the precise measurement, it might take you a coule of time to get the right diamention that you like. But you can then make it your own. :)
Oh, no waste clay. I love scrap clay and use it all.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog

Rebekah said...

Your tutorials are terrific. I really enjoy seeing your techniques. I've chosen your blog for the Premio Meme award and featured you on my blog!

Visit my blog for more about the award:

Have a wonderful weekend! :-)


Anonymous said...


I have just started experimenting with polymer clay, I think your tutorials are inspirational and hope to try the five colour beads soon.