Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Making of the Snowman

I made these snowman beads a few years back. They are so cute for the festive earrings. They are about 1" tall. Don't wait till Christmas Eve when you decide to make them. I am so good this year, I even finished making my Christmas cards. Hum... may be I will show you how I draw and paint my card later. It was fun, but let's start with these Snowman.

1. Clean your Pasta machine and roll out a sheet of white clay. I used the small round Kemper tools to cut out 3 different size pieces. Roll them into balls and stack them together.

2. With small round cutter, make 2 small balls from Red clay. Flatten one to make bottom of the hat, flatten the other one lightly to make the top.

3. Make 3 thin snakes from Red, Green and Gold clay, twisted them together, roll into tiny, tiny rope. Wrap a piece around the hat.

4. Make 2 small balls from Green clay, stick them on the belly.

5. Roll 2 tiny Brown clay to make eyes, then a tiny piece of Orange to make a nose.

6. Make tiny scarf with a strip of Red, Green and Brown clay. Bake and enjoy.

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Rita said...

Oh, they are so sweet! I have to try these lovely snowmen =)
Have a nice day!
Take care.