Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday Jar

I love baby food jar, they are cute. Just the right side to keep beads and things in there. Here's how I covered the lid with a holiday theme.

1. Clean the lid and roll out a sheet of clay, White or Red.

2. I am using a mushroom that I made, also cut a piece of wire about 3", curl up one end. The wire will hold the mushroom in place.

3. Put the lid on clay and cut around it, like so.

4. Poke the wire through the clay before covering the lid, smooth the top and side, make sure there is no air bubble.

5. With Gleen clay, roll out small balls, make them into leaf shape, flatten slightly. With needle tool, draw several veins on the leaf. Stick the leaves around the lid.

6. With White & Red clay, make a twisted snake. Roll out tiny balls, stick 3 of then on to each leaf. Now you have holy leavf with berries. Isn't it cute?

7. Squeeze enough liquid clay on the top of the lid, sprinkle with glitter. I used the thing called Crystal dust. It is the tiny glass flake used by the florist. Squeeze a drop of liquid clay near the wire, put the mushroom through the wire. Liquid clay and wire will help stable the mushroom. Bake and enjoy.

Here are some more ideas.


Elle said...

I love this idea! I don't believe I have the skill to pull it off myself but I think these mushrooms are just charming!

Kate said...

These are so cute. I know you don't have much time but I love your work and have admired it for awhile. And I wanted to Congratulate you, you have been nominated for the Sunshine Blog Award!


Thanks for having such a wonderful and interesting blog and sharing your wonderful talent!

~*Ngirl*~ said...

I've been making polymer clay charms for a start, but the wire loops keep sliping off, i've try adding super glue to the wire to secure it but they still slip off any tips?

Rossyl said...

these are so cute- love it gonna try it - thanks -will you be posting again soon? love your blog.