Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Star - Christmas Ornament

I bought a necklace a while ago that has 2 star shape pendants, one gold, one silver. It has a face impression on it and the idea came after I made the snowmen; to put a hat on it.

1. Make a mold using 2 part epoxy mold

2. Using 2 sheet of white clay running at the thickest setting, put the pendant on top of the clay and cut around it.

3. Press the clay into the mold, using texture tools to make texture on the back.

4. Take the clay out, trim, and bake.

5. Using a small piece of wire, bend one end then insert a small white ball on there. The wire will help secure the ball to stay on top of the hat. Cut out 2 triangle from red clay and cut a strip of white clay about 3/4" x 3".

6. Wrap the red clay around the top part of the star, insert thewhite ball on the top, wrap the strip of white clay around the red, tuck in the seam, then texture the hat with needle tool of you choice.

7. Bake and decorate as will. You can use paint or glitter. I was using the diamond dust w/ glue. Rhinestone and crystal can be use to decorate the hat too. Enjoy.

Here are more ideas. Rhinestones on the left and Colts Hat on the right. make one with your favorite football color.

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pv said...

Thanks you for inspirations and sharing your talent.