Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Star - Christmas Ornament

I bought a necklace a while ago that has 2 star shape pendants, one gold, one silver. It has a face impression on it and the idea came after I made the snowmen; to put a hat on it.

1. Make a mold using 2 part epoxy mold

2. Using 2 sheet of white clay running at the thickest setting, put the pendant on top of the clay and cut around it.

3. Press the clay into the mold, using texture tools to make texture on the back.

4. Take the clay out, trim, and bake.

5. Using a small piece of wire, bend one end then insert a small white ball on there. The wire will help secure the ball to stay on top of the hat. Cut out 2 triangle from red clay and cut a strip of white clay about 3/4" x 3".

6. Wrap the red clay around the top part of the star, insert thewhite ball on the top, wrap the strip of white clay around the red, tuck in the seam, then texture the hat with needle tool of you choice.

7. Bake and decorate as will. You can use paint or glitter. I was using the diamond dust w/ glue. Rhinestone and crystal can be use to decorate the hat too. Enjoy.

Here are more ideas. Rhinestones on the left and Colts Hat on the right. make one with your favorite football color.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday Jar

I love baby food jar, they are cute. Just the right side to keep beads and things in there. Here's how I covered the lid with a holiday theme.

1. Clean the lid and roll out a sheet of clay, White or Red.

2. I am using a mushroom that I made, also cut a piece of wire about 3", curl up one end. The wire will hold the mushroom in place.

3. Put the lid on clay and cut around it, like so.

4. Poke the wire through the clay before covering the lid, smooth the top and side, make sure there is no air bubble.

5. With Gleen clay, roll out small balls, make them into leaf shape, flatten slightly. With needle tool, draw several veins on the leaf. Stick the leaves around the lid.

6. With White & Red clay, make a twisted snake. Roll out tiny balls, stick 3 of then on to each leaf. Now you have holy leavf with berries. Isn't it cute?

7. Squeeze enough liquid clay on the top of the lid, sprinkle with glitter. I used the thing called Crystal dust. It is the tiny glass flake used by the florist. Squeeze a drop of liquid clay near the wire, put the mushroom through the wire. Liquid clay and wire will help stable the mushroom. Bake and enjoy.

Here are some more ideas.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Making of the Snowman

I made these snowman beads a few years back. They are so cute for the festive earrings. They are about 1" tall. Don't wait till Christmas Eve when you decide to make them. I am so good this year, I even finished making my Christmas cards. Hum... may be I will show you how I draw and paint my card later. It was fun, but let's start with these Snowman.

1. Clean your Pasta machine and roll out a sheet of white clay. I used the small round Kemper tools to cut out 3 different size pieces. Roll them into balls and stack them together.

2. With small round cutter, make 2 small balls from Red clay. Flatten one to make bottom of the hat, flatten the other one lightly to make the top.

3. Make 3 thin snakes from Red, Green and Gold clay, twisted them together, roll into tiny, tiny rope. Wrap a piece around the hat.

4. Make 2 small balls from Green clay, stick them on the belly.

5. Roll 2 tiny Brown clay to make eyes, then a tiny piece of Orange to make a nose.

6. Make tiny scarf with a strip of Red, Green and Brown clay. Bake and enjoy.